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Join the Chamber

The McCamey C of C is for You and Me…
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Think of dues as an investment. Your benefits include participation in the growth and prosperity of our City AND The Chamber actively promoting you (helping you to build public awareness of your organization or business). Much like an ad in the newspaper, but using a broader scope: we are online, on the phone, speaking out in the community. For less than the price of that newspaper ad, you can join McCamey Chamber of Commerce. Advertisements work, but we work for you year-round!

Exposure… Chamber members receive real exposure through our Facebook Page, website listings and Event advertising and referrals. Need a Facebook Page? We will help you build one.

Networking… Network with new businesses and organizations to share ideas while working together to benefit the community. Membership is an opportunity to share your voice and experience with others.

Representation…The Chamber works as a face for its members in local and state government, working together with our Members, the City and The McCamey Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), we are “McCamey’s Voice”.

Referrals… We average five referrals day, for goods and services, forwarding potential customers, investors, donors and volunteers directly to our members.

Committee InvolvementThe work of the Chamber is accomplished through various committees (who advise the Board of Directors) involving many volunteers from a diversity of backgrounds in the business and professional community; involvement in these committees is a rewarding experience.

Resources and Assistance… We help link those with interest in building business in McCamey to the resources available to make it happen, and to improve on or promote an existing business.

Shop Local… The Chamber promotes the spending of locally generated money within the community and how to make those dollars work for the community.

Community Involvement… Members make a difference by working to improve the quality of life and business in McCamey. Better community = Great business conditions.

Generating Customers… The Chamber supports businesses and organizations that bring people, employment, and better economy to the McCamey area.

Information… Chamber Members work to keep other members informed about regional and state issues, by email, newspaper, personal visits, meetings or events.